​CHEMK UV-1577

​CHEMK UV-1577

CHEMK UV-1577 is a special UV absorber with low volatility, high molecular weight, high temperature resistance and low volatility. It has good compatibility with most polymers, additives and formula resins. Compared with the traditional benzotriazole UV absorber, the polycarbonate(PC) and polyester (PET,PBT) which have added UV-1577 have better weathering resistance, better UV absorbency and no effect on transparency. It is especially suitable for the processing and application of UV absorber for large amount, low volatilization and good compatibility, such as complex moulding products, flat / corrugated panels, double panels, thin films, co-injection molding or co-extrusion semi-finished products. It allows double-layer direct co-extrusion without the usual sublimation or precipitation problems of UV absorbers that may have been encountered in the past.


CAS NO.:147315-50-2

Physical Properties:

Appearance: Light yellow powder

Density (25℃): 1.19 g/mL

Melting point: 147-151℃

Solubility: Soluble in chloroform, diphenylmethane, toluene, ethyl acetate and other organic solvents, slightly soluble in n-hexanol, ethanol.


CHEMK UV-1577as a triazine series UV absorber has very low volatility and is highly compatible with polymers and other additives. It is especially suitable for polymers that require high concentration, low volatility processing and good conditions. It can be used with acrylate, PVC, polyester, polycarbonate, styrene, and other high performance polymers. It can make polycarbonate and polyester achieve better weather resistance than traditional UV absorbers. Low chelating trend enables it to be used in polymer formulations containing residual catalysts.

CHEMK UV-1577 is suitable for all kinds of high performance polymers and alloys, such as PET、PBT、PC(linear and branched), polyether ester, PMMA, acrylic copolymers, PA、PS、SAN、ASA, polyolefin, etc., reinforced or not reinforced, filled or unfilled, flame-retardant or non-flame-retardant, transparent, translucent, etc. 

CHEMK UV-1577 especially suitable for:

● PC film, sheet, board and so on, good compatibility with PC, low volatility in high temperature melt processing, not easy to precipitate, do not need to wash the runner and mold.

● PA film, sheet, etc.

● PET,PBT film, sheet, board, etc.

● PMMA film, sheet, board, etc.

● Other applications with special requirements for long-term light stability.