CHEMK UV-5050 is a liquid light stabilizer blend developed specifically for coatings. Its high thermal stability and permanence makes it suitable for coatings exposed to high bake temperatures and/or to extreme environmental conditions. It has been designed to fulfill the high cost/performance and durability requirements of trade sales and industrial coating applications. Its broad UV absorbance allows effective protection of light sensitive substrates such as wood and plastics.

Physical Properties Appearance :

Appearance : Viscous amber liquid 

Viscosity at 25℃: 10000mPa.s

Density at 20℃: 1.03 g/cm3

Miscibility: UV-5050 is miscible to more than 50% with most commonly used paint solvents. 

         Water solubility is less than 0.01%.


CHEMK UV-5050 is a versatile light stabilizer which can be used in a wide variety of clear and pigmented coating systems, based on water-borne or solvent-borne paint technology. Its use is especially recommended for clear and light pigmented coatings in applications such as: 

● Wood Coatings(esp. water-borne acrylic dispersion based systems);

● House and Trim Paints (esp. water-borne acrylic dispersion based coatings);

● One-component or two-component polyurethane coatings;

● Industrial Sroving Finishes(e.g. alkyd, PES/melamine systems or PES/NCO-systems);

● Car Waxes, Car Polishes and Vinyl Protectants;

● Unsaturated Polyster (UPES)/Styrene Gel Coats;

● UV radiation curable acrylics and UPES resin based systems;

The dispersion of UV-5050 in water borne coatings may be facilitated by dilution with a water miscible cosolvent such as butyldiglycol and Texanol. (Texanol is a registered tradedmark of Eastman Chemicals).