CHEMK UV-5060 is a liquid blend of a 2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-benzotriazole UV absorber (UVA) and a non-basic hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS). It has been designed to fulfil the high cost/performance and durability requirements of exterior solvent borne industrial and decorative coatings and is especially suited for oxidative drying and acid catalyzed systems. The broad UV absorbance of the used UVA makes it suitable for a wide range of coatings for wood, plastics and metal. The non-basic character of the used N-OR HALS prevents possible interactions with acidic paint ingredients such as catalysts, biocides and pigments. The synergistic combination imparts superior coating protection against gloss reduction, cracking, blistering, delamination and color change and provides full substrate protection.

Physical Properties Appearance :

Appearance : viscous amber liquid, solvent-free

Dynamic Viscosity at 25℃: 10,000mPa.s

Density at 20℃: 0.98g/ml


CHEMK UV-5060 is a versatile light stabilizer which can be used in a variety of coatings systems. It is used in multiplex varnishes, paints and solvent-based systems. The recommended applications are as follows:

● Wood stains and varnishes, wood care products, waxes

● General Industrial Paints

● Heavy duty maintenance and marine coatings

● Architectural coatings (roof tiles, walls, floor coatings…)

● Glass and ceramic coatings (architectural glazing, packaging…)

● Adhesives and bonding layers

CHEMK UV-5060 is especially recommended for clear and light pigmented systems like:

● Thermoplastics (Acrylics, Vinylics,….)

● Acid-catalyzed paints (Acrylic, PES/melamine,…)

● Oxidative drying systems (Alkyds, oils, waxes,….)