​CHEMK UV-5151

​CHEMK UV-5151

CHEMK UV-5151 is a liquid blend of a hydrophilic 2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-benzotriazole UV absorber (UVA) and a basic hindered amine light stabilizer(HALS).It has been designed to fulfil high cost/performance and durability requirements of exterior waterborne and solvent borne industrial and decorative coatings. The broad UV absorbance of the used UVA makes it suitable for a wide range of coatings for wood, plastics and metal. The synergistic combination imparts superior coating protection against gloss reduction, cracking, blistering, delamination and color change and provides full substrate protection.

UV-5151 is a liquid compound light stabilizer used in the coating industry. Its excellent thermal stability and environmental durability make it suitable for protecting high-temperature baking systems and industrial coatings under extremely harsh conditions. Based on its wide absorbing range, UV-5151 can provide effective protection for light-sensitive substrates such as wood and plastics.

Physical Properties:

Appearance : Viscous light amber liquid 

Viscosity at 20℃: 7000mPa.s

Density at 20℃: 1.10 g/cm3


CHEMK UV-5151 is a universal light stabilizer which can be used in a variety of solvent borne and waterborne industrial and decorative coating systems

The recommended applications are as follows:

●  Wood coatings (especially alkyd varnishes, coloring primer and coatings);

●  Permeate wood varnish and wood anti-mildew primer;

●  One-component or two-component polyurethane coatings;

●  High solid alkyd coatings and vinyl coatings;

● Industrial baking paint (PVC plastic paint and polyester coil steel paint, general high temperature baking metal paint); 

● Unsaturated polyester UPES/ styrene rubber coating layer;

● Automotive wax, polishing oil and Vinyl insecticide

Its use is especially recommended for clear and light pigmented systems like:

● Thermoplastics (Acrylics, Vinylics....)

● 1 and 2 K-PUR (Acrylic/NCO, PES/NCO...)

● Waterborne systems (Acrylic, PUD, 2K-PUR)